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rosepenny started this conversation
Hello folks, i am 64 yrs., old w/health issues but am trying for part-time work and need a used vehicle to be able to get too and from job. My old 2002Saturn has died and cannot afford to buy a used car. On SSI disability and rent and bills leave nothing at end of each month. I can work part time and can't wait to do but again...transportation is a must. I would not be able to pay for this if it happens at all. I need help!! Please..if there is someone out there who can help, it would gladly be appreciated. Thank you all. Richard
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woman in a shoe   in reply to rosepenny
U welcome
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rosepenny   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thk u much mamm
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is only a info site there no place to get a free car. The people that come on here come from over the world i have not meet anyone that lives in my city and i have been on here so be five years now. Hope u the best
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